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What do we do in Zen?
Zen is a way of being. There is no-self and no-one doing anything. Just complete fulfilment in this moment. Needing nothing. Just being this. Just resting as this moment."

"In Zen this nothing, this no-self, contains everything. Absolutely nothing is left out. It's all of it. With the self out of the way nothing is separate, Everything is the True Self, the One Body, so compassion and love arise for all that is. Whether it is the homeless, the sick, (including our ailing planet) the oppressed. The crying child, the angry colleague, the disappointed friend or our own so called failings. Nothing is left out and from no-self an appropriate response arises to love and to serve whatever is needed."

Darwin Zen Group offers meditation, nondual inquiry support and community to all those interested in taking the philosophy of Buddhism into their lives. Dharma talks, discussions, individual spiritual inquiry, and koan introspection are also provided. The emphasis is on transformation through insight to find freedom, peace and joy in every moment.
Each week there is guidance on Buddhist meditation and posture. The evening sessions include two 25 minute periods of guided sitting meditation with 5 minute walking meditation in between. They also include short chanting meditation in English, Pali and Sino-Japanese. The meditation is followed by sharing of tea, Dharma discussion and readings on taking insights and the Buddhist teachings into every aspect of life including relationships, work and our inner life. The evening ends around 9.30pm.
Darwin Zen Group follows the traditional Zen form of the International Diamond Sangha.
Dr Justine Mayer was invited to teach and continue the Diamond Sangha tradition in Darwin by Subhana Barzaghi Roshi (senior teacher at the Sydney Zen Centre). Justine has a special interest in insight and transformation through koan introspection and individual spiritual inquiry. Justine is a General Practitioner who works in Aboriginal Health. She lives with her life-long partner Pete, and their two children, Peter and Erika. They moved to Darwin in 1994.
Darwin Zen Group also offer individual support for practice, Dharma talks, workshops and meditation retreats throughout the year in Darwin. DZG has close relationships with Zen Open Circle, Melbourne Zen Group and Sydney Zen Centre and we join their week long sesshin (retreats) in the Spring and Autumn at Kodoji near Wisemans Ferry, NSW and retreat centres in Melbourne.
Newcomers to Zen and All Beginners are most welcome but it is essential to call first to arrange an orientation. There is no cost but we recommend a donation to the Buddhist Centre to cover the use of the space.
Please contact Jo on 8931 4290 or email darwinzengroup@gmail.com
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